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The mystery man

Do you remember where you were on your twentieth birthday? I don’t, but the woman in this story does. On her twentieth birthday she was working as a waitress. And when the manager got sick, she was asked to bring the owner his meal, like the manager did every day.

A girl on her twentieth birthday, a mysterious man in a hotel room, waiting for his meal, something bad has to happen, right? I’m still not sure if that was the case, but I did enjoy this story.

Birthday girl by Haruki Murakami

There’s Garden State in Japan too

Guy quits his job, dumps his girlfriend, loses his grandmother and returns to the town he hasn’t been in since he left his youth behind. So far, nothing’s new. But when you encounter the sleeping woman, hollowed out by pollen-covered flies and surrounded by blind willows, you know you’re reading Murakami.

Blind willow, sleeping woman by Haruki Murakami